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2015 Annual Conference

25-26 June 2015, University of Ulster.

The 2015 Annual Conference and Postgraduate Day is nearly here! Many offers for visitors can be found in this pdf. It will take place at the Merchant Hotel, Belfast on the 25-26 June 2015. All the information you need can be found in the following documents for download: Programme, Useful information, Call for Abstracts, Conference Sponsors, Abstract Template.

At each annual conference in addition to best postgraduate poster and oral presentations, we award a Presidents Prize, Alan Wilson Memorial Prize and the Larry Hench Young Investigators Prize.


Postgraduate Prizes

Postgraduate prizes are awarded to the best poster and oral presentation at the annual conference.

President's Prize

The President's Prize aims to recognise outstanding contributions during a lifetime career to the UK Biomaterials field.

Alan Wilson Memorial Lecture Award

To celebrate the life and career of the outstanding dental materials scientist Dr Alan Wilson OBE (1928-2011), we are awarding this prize to recognise the work and contribution of the awardee, who will be an individual scientist who has contributed significantly to the field of biomaterials science in dentistry (including maxillo-facial repair). The awardee will be given the costs of registration, accommodation (1 night) and standard class travel, and a commemorative certificate will be awarded.

Larry Hench Young Investigators Prize

Larry Hench Young Investigators Prize is a £500 prize to a promising young research scientist in recognition of outstanding and innovative contributions in a selected field of biomaterials research. Criteria: Evidence of peer reviewed publications, outstanding contribution and demonstrable research in the field of biomaterials or related areas, some experience in presenting at international and national conferences. To be eligible you must be no more than 7 years post final degree award. Use the contact us page to request an application form if you haven't received it through members email. Deadline is Friday 27th Feb 2015.

Postgraduate Prize Winners


  • Best oral presentation: .
  • Best poster presentation: .


  • Best oral presentation: Shivani Kasbekar, University of Liverpool.
  • Best poster presentation: Bryan Stuart, University of Nottingham.


  • Best oral presentation: Richard Williams, University of Birmingham.
  • Runner up oral presentation: Henry Lancashire, UCL.
  • Best poster presentation: Alistair Bannerman, University of Birmingham.
  • Runner up poster presentation: Abigail Norton, University of Birmingham.
  • Royal Microscopical Society award: Rupert Wright, University of Keele.
  • Larry Hench/UKSB Travel Bursary: David Bishop, University of Ulster.


  • Best oral presentation: Felicity De Cogan, University of Manchester AND Joseph Lacey, University of Brighton.
  • Best poster presentation: Na Han, University of Nottingham.
  • Royal Microscopical Society award: Natasha Bhuiyan, University of Manchester.
  • Larry Hench/UKSB Travel Bursary: Sophie Cox, University of Warwick.


  • Best oral presentation: Uchena Wudebwe, University of Birmingham.
  • Best poster presentation: Lindsey McManus, University of Ulster.


  • Best oral presentation: Joseph Lacey, University of Brighton.
  • Best poster presentation: Muhammad Hasan, University of Nottingham.


  • Best oral presentation: Sharon Murphy, Cork Institute of Technology.
  • Best poster presentation: Ashish Mathur, University of Ulster.
  • Most novel use of materials (poster prize): Jie Gao, University of Manchester.
  • Royal Microscopy Society Award: Alan Brown, University of Ulster.


  • Best oral presentation: Eoin Cunningham, Queen's University Belfast.
  • Best poster presentation: Kate Thornton, University of Manchester. Runner up: Wen Lin Chai, University of Sheffield.
  • Royal Microscopy Society Award: Timothy Marriott, University of Nottingham.


  • Best oral presentation: Elise Pegg, University of Nottingham and DJ Hadden, University of Aberdeen.
  • Best poster presentation: Peter Felstead, University of Nottingham.


  • Best oral presentation: Keyvan Moharamzadeh, University of Sheffield.
  • Best poster presentation: Rebecca Goodchild, University of Sheffield.
  • e-poster competition winner: Julian George, Imperial College London.


  • Best oral presentation: Jaynath Katta, University of Leeds.
  • Best poster presentation: Deepak Kalaskar, University of Manchester.
  • e-poster competition winner: Wilda Helen, University of Manchester.

Larry Hench Young Investigators Prize

  • 2015: Dr Jennifer Paxton, University of Edinburgh.
  • 2014: Dr Manus Biggs, NUI Galway.
  • 2013: Dr Lucy Bosworth, University of Manchester.
  • 2012: Dr Ifty Ahmed, University of Nottingham.

Presidents Prize Winners

  • 2015: Professor Serena Best, University of Cambridge.
  • 2014: Professor Sheila MacNeil, University of Sheffield.
  • 2013: Professor John Fisher, University of Leeds.
  • 2012: Professor Mohan Edirisinghe, UCL.
  • 2011: Professor David Watts, University of Manchester.
  • 2010: Professor Brian Meenan, University of Ulster.
  • 2009: Professor Liz Tanner, University of Glasgow.
  • 2008: Professor Jim Courtney, University of Strathclyde.
  • 2007: Professor Peter Revell, Royal Free Hospital, University College London.
  • 2006: Professor Adam Curtis, University of Glasgow.
  • 2005: Professor Larry Hench, Imperial College London.
  • 2004: Professor Bill Bonfield, University of Cambridge.
  • 2003: Professor David Williams, University of Liverpool.
  • 2002: Professor Brian Tighe, University of Birmingham.

Alan Wilson Memorial Lecture Award Winners

  • 2015: Professor Jonathan Knowles, Eastman Dental Institute.
  • 2014: Professor Paul Hatton, University of Sheffield.
  • 2013: Professor Robert Hill, Queen Mary University of London.
  • 2012: Professor John Nicholson, St Mary's University.

Biocompatibles Endowed Prize Winners

The Biocompatibles Endowed Prize is no longer awarded, however it recognised those with an industrial link to their research who made significant contributions to the UK Biomaterials field.

  • 2013: Dr Karin Hing, Queen Mary University.
  • 2012: Dr Irene Turner, University of Bath.
  • 2011: Professor Kevin Shakesheff, University of Nottingham.
  • 2010: Professor Jonathan Knowles, Eastman Dental Institute, UCL.
  • 2009: Professor David Grant, University of Nottingham.
  • 2008: Dr Sanjukta Deb, King's College London.
  • 2007: Dr Rachel Williams, University of Liverpool.
  • 2006: Professor John Fisher, University of Leeds.
  • 2005: Professor Andrew Lloyd, University of Brighton.
  • 2004: Professor Robert Short, University of Sheffield.
  • 2003: Professor Paul Hatton, University of Sheffield.