Future Leaders Virtual Conference 2020

Many thanks for joining us at our conference. In previous years the CDTs in Regenerative Medicine, Biomaterials and related interdisciplinary areas have come together to share the outstanding work conducted by our talented researchers.

This year we are dealing with unprecedented times. Yet we have come together to build our network and support our research community.

Click on each of the links in the programme below to attend the sessions, or alternatively download the abstract booklet and link directly into the zoom sessions from there.

Posters are available here

Posters will be available for viewing until the end of June so that you have plenty of time to view them. Please use the comments too to connect.

— Day 1, 24th June 2020 —

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9:45 – Arrival and admittance to conference
10:00 – Welcome: Dr Karen Coopman (Director, EPSRC-MRC CDT in Regen. Med. and Dr Paul Roach (President, UKSB)
10:15 – Keynote Speaker: Prof Liam Grover, Birmingham University, Director of the Healthcare and Technologies Institute (HTI)
Title: Materials Technologies to Enhance Tissue Formation

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Materials: Nanopatterning & Properties
Chairs: Tasmin Nahar and Periklis Petropoulos
Clinical Applications 1
Chairs: Dominic Williams and Eduardo Ribes Martinez

Ryan Dimmock: Smart Materials Fabrication for Limbal Stem Cell Study
Danilo Villanueva: The Effects of Mechanically Tailored 3D Nanofibrous Scaffolds for Corneal Regeneration
Laurissa Havins: Bioengineering Dual Gradient Platforms for the Control of Cell Behavior and Differentiation
Nicola Negrini: 3D Gelatin Hydrogels for Tooth Development Tissue Engineering

Angela Imere: Tissue Engineering the TendonSynovial Sheath for Prevention of Post-operative Adhesions
Patrik Lawson-Statham: Development of a Composite Decellularised Osteochondral Scaffold for the Treatment of Articular Cartilage Lesions
Lisa Duff: Automated Diagnosis in Large Vessel Vasculitis Using FDG PET-CT
Serkan Dikici: 2-Deoxy-D-Ribose: A Sweet Alternative to VEGF to Stimulate Angiogenesis and Wound Healing
Poster Flashes
Catherine Taylor (Notts)
Lydia Marinou
Jonathan Taylor
Poster Flashes
James Watson
Matthew Kibble
Simon Williams
Caroline Taylor (Sheffield)

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Poster Discussions are now held within their topic areas. Please use the links below for Zoom discussion.

— Day 2, 25th June 2020. Sessions start at 9:30 —

Enabling Technologies
Chairs: Hannah Lamont and Dominic Mosses 
Clinical Applications 2
Chairs: Robert Bagley and James Watson
Paul Humphreys: Synthetic photoreceptor engineering for optogenetic control of TGFβ signalling to drive chondrogenesis 
James Hopwood: A Comparison Of Electromechanical Versus Pneumatic-Controlled Knee Simulators For The Wear Performance Of A Total Ankle Replacement 
Andie Robinson: Development of Nano-Bioelectronic Systems, using Bipolar Electrochemistry 
Prof Aline Miller:  Engineered Peptide Hydrogels; application in tissue regeneration, 3D bioprinting and drug discovery 
Jessica Wiseman: Neurosurgical grade biomaterial Duragen PlusTM  is a promising pro-regenerative matrix for repair of traumatic spinal cord injury. 
Faye Bolan: The regenerative potential of injectable peptide hydrogels for intrcerebal haemorrahage therapy 
Simon C. Kellaway: Engineered Neural Tissue from Decellularised Biomaterials for Peripheral Nerve Repair 
Valeria Filippou: Novel Person-Specific Step Count Algorithm For Different Types Of Gaits 
Poster flashes:  
Richard McDowell 
Liam Johnson 
Melissa Cheung 
Poster flashes: 
Naomi Northage 
Jacqueline Solis 
Davide Verdolino 
Tasmin Nahar 

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Cell and Gene Therapy
 Chairs: Josephine Thomas and Laura Hubbard  
Bioengineered Models
 Chairs: Ryan Dimmock and Elaine Ma 
Angharad Evans: Optimising Culture of Viral Production Cell Lines for Improved Lentiviral Manufacture 
William Jones: Bone And Mesenchymal Stem Cell Changes In Ankle Osteoarthritis 
Miguel Ferreira: Novel Strategies to Promote Human Embryonic Stem Cell Chondrogenesis in 3D Microenvironments 
David H. Ramos: Introducing microfabricated electrospun membranes to mimic the stem cell microenviroment in the dermal-epidermal junction 
Elisa Tarsitano: Assessing the elastic properties and cytocompatibility of porcine liver decellularized ECM gels for a 3D in-vitro model 
Cosimo Ligorio: Engineering the nucleus pulposus tissue by exploiting a growth factor-loaded peptide/graphene oxide hydrogel nanocomposite 
Marlene Polleres: Neurovascular 3D cell model to investigate the role of pericytes in dementia 
Poster flashes: 
Mark Naven 
Poster flashes: 
Lauren Hope 
Kirsten Liggat 
Narina Bileckaja 
Caitlin Jackson 
Leona Ogene 
12:15Closing Remarks and Award of Prizes. Karen Coopman and Paul Roach

The Future Investigators of Regenerative Medicine (FIRM) conference will now be held as a virtual symposia this year. Please see here for more details.

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