Early Career Forum

Welcome to the UK Society for Biomaterials Early Career Forum (formerly the Young Scientists Forum). Our focus is to represent the interests of the younger members of the UKSB.​

Key Goals of the UKSB-ECF

The Early Career Forum of the UK Society for Biomaterials (UKSB – ECF) is a forum dedicated to representing the interests of the younger members of the UKSB, by promoting scientific/social events, sponsoring national/international conferences, and advertising work/research/faculty positions. All non-faculty UKSB members can join the UKSB – ECF without additional fees; eligible scientists automatically join the UKSB – ECF as members of the UKSB. All UKSB members are encouraged to raise awareness of ECF to new eligible members (e.g., students, postdocs., fellows, etc).

The UKSB – ECF is committed to promoted education and training in the biomaterials field at national and international level, to provide a forum for discussion, communication, and collaboration between the ECF members, to organize meetings, workshop, and events related to biomaterials, and to advertise academic and industrial positions and possibilities for ECF members. The main channels used by the UKSB – ECF are newsletters and social media.


The UKSB – ECF board is composed by members affiliated to different UK institutions and their duties are as follows:

  1. Spokesperson (and UK National Chapter for the European Society for Biomaterials Young Scientists Forum, ESB YSF) – Dr Caroline Taylor, University of Sheffield
    Responsible for communicating with the UKSB board and with the ESB-YSF
  2. Secretary – Dr Nicola Contessi Negrini, Imperial College London
    Responsible for the administration of any financial support and in helping the spokesperson
  3. Newsletter, Conferences and Meetings Officer – Dr Tanveer Tabish, University of Oxford
    Responsible for managing newsletters preparation and distribution, contributing to the organization of events, workshops, and meeting, and in promoting the UKSB – ECF in national events

UKSB-ECF Managers

Dr Adam Celiz – Imperial College London

Please contact Dr Adam Celiz (a.celiz@imperial.ac.uk) or Dr Caroline Taylor (c.s.taylor@sheffield.ac.uk) if you are interested in joining the UKSB – ECF board.