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PhD Opportunity @ Liverpool

A 3D-Printed Blood-Brain-Barrier-on-a-Chip for Agrochemical Permeability Studies – CASE Studentship

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) tightly regulates the flow of material between the bloodstream and the brain. One of the big problems faced by a range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals to agrochemicals, is understanding how compounds interact with and cross this barrier. One approach to solving this problem is to design model systems that reproduce the behaviour of the BBB in a lab.

Throughout the project, you will work in close collaboration with our industrial partner, Syngenta, to study how agrochemicals interact with your model BBB, enabling you to develop a tool for future interrogation of neuropathy, inflammation and axonal degeneration. With 59,000 employees in more than 100 countries, the Syngenta Group is a leading technology company for sustainable agricultural innovation. Syngenta’s mission is to offer large and small farming businesses the tools to address a wide range of challenges associated with crop productivity and health, to manage the effects of climate change and to help preserve biodiversity. Ultimately, innovations from Syngenta Group’s crop protection and seeds divisions help farmers to ensure sustainable food, feed, fiber and fuel production.

Click here for more details, or email directly to Dr Joe Forth or Dr David Dickens.

Banner caption: Phase contrast microscopy of SHSY in collagen gel
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