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Exciting PhD Opportunities!!

The Impact of Cellular Agriculture on Land Use and the Environment in the UK and Africa

Summary: Funded by the NERC OnePlanet doctoral training partnership (Northumbria-Newcastle) and working with Paul Bartels at WildBio in South Africa. This highly interdisciplinary project will include original research in sustainable ‘cultivated meat’ biotechnologies and an assessment of their global impact using environmental science, and includes a research placement with Paul in South Africa. Ideally suited to a biosciences graduate with experience of animal cell culture and interests in cultivated meat, bioengineering, bioprocessing and environmental science. Read more about OnePlanet here:

NU-Bone: Antler BioDesign for structural tissue engineering and cellular agriculture

Summary: This PhD will develop in vitro biotechnologies to create living bone structures for applications in cellular agriculture (cultivated meat), bio-machine interfaces, engineering, design and novel consumer products. In this project, you will develop a methodology to grow human-designed 3D structures from deer antler stem cells in bioreactors, combining cutting edge research in stem cell biology, cellular agriculture, bioprocessing, bioreactor engineering, nanotechnology, mechanobiology and design engineering. Details here:

Please email James Henstock for more details.

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