UKSB Council Members

Paul Roach – UKSB President
Paul is a senior lecturer in Biomaterials and Interface Science at Loughborough University

Colin Scotchford – UKSB Previous President
Colin is an Associate Professor within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham

Adrian Boyd – UKSB Treasurer
Adrian is a senior lecturer at the University of Ulster

Cheryl Miller– UKSB Secretary
Cheryl is a Reader in Dental Implantology and Biomaterials, at the University of Sheffield.

Elise Pegg– UKSB Membership Secretary
Elise is a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath

Phil Jackson– UKSB Industry Representative
Phil is a Technical Manager at Lucideon, having years of experience in glass chemistry with expertise particularly in powder technologies and medical devices.

Julian Jones
Julian is a Professor of Biomaterials within the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials at Imperial College London

Adam Celiz – UKSB ECF co-lead
Adam is a lecturer within the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London. He develops biomaterial-based strategies to repair and restore tissues. He was awarded the Larry Hench Young Investigators Prize by the UKSB in 2017.

Lisa White– UKSB ECF co-lead
Lisa is an Anne McLaren Fellow within the Faculty of Science at the University of Nottingham. Lisa’s research focuses on the fabrication, characterization and use of decellularised materials for tissue engineering.

Past Presidents of the UKSB

  • Colin Scotchford (University of Nottingham)
  • Sanjukta Deb (Kings College London)
  • Lucy Di Silvio, (King’s College London)
  • Paul Hatton (University of Sheffield)
  • Brian Meenan (University of Ulster)
  • John Nicholson (University of Greenwich)
  • Liz Tanner (Queen Mary University of London)