Previous UKSB Conferences

The UKSB hosts an annual conference every year. In previous years this has been hosted by Universities of Liverpool, Nottingham, Ulster, Loughborough, Bath, Sheffield, Liverpool, Westminster, and many more.

Conferences are always well attended by academics and industrialists, providing a great opportunity to network and share ideas across the multidisciplinary area of biomaterials science.

The network is very welcoming of new people, and as such the annual conference is organised to give maximum support for developing students and early career researchers who are engaging in biomaterials research. This area is very diverse, so we will encounter work across the full spectrum, from materials and surface science, polymer and ceramics chemistry, to tissue engineering and medical device manufacture and regulation.

We hope that you will join us in upcoming events, but please do feel free to get in touch and be part of the UK Society for Biomaterials.